Anti-Mask Lady Harassed Starbucks Employee, Now Wants A Piece Of His GoFundMe Action

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Anti-Mask Lady Harassed Starbucks Employee, Now Wants A Piece Of His GoFundMe Action

Earlier this week, Amber Lynn Gilles had hoped to go viral. She went to a Starbucks in San Diego, which still has a mask ordinance, without a mask. Upon being asked if she had a mask, Gilles flipped out and started calling everyone "sheeple," and then came back and took a picture of Lenin Gutierrez, the employee who asked her if she had a mask, and posted it to Facebook for the purpose, she says, of "calling him out."

"Meet lenen from Starbucks who refused to serve me cause I'm not wearing a mask. Next time I will wait for cops and bring a medical exemption," she wrote, likely imagining all of the "You go girls" and "Burn him as a witch!-es" she was going to get in the comments from supporters.

It ... did not go that way.

Gilles went viral, but she went viral for being an asshole — which was not at all what she had wanted. Lenin, on the other hand, was cheered across the internet as the obvious hero of this ridiculous interaction. Someone even went so far as to set up a GoFundMe for tips for Gutierrez, which has since raised over $44,000. Damn.

Now, Gilles, for reasons no one could possibly discern, is claiming that they should give her some of the money. She also wants to sue the creator of the GoFundMe for "defamation and slander." The entire text of the "Tips for Lenin Standing Up To A San Diego Karen GoFundMe" description, by the way, is:

Raising money for Lenin for his honorable effort standing his ground when faced with a Karen in the wild

Please note that all donations made to this GoFundMe are considered to be personal gifts to Lenin Gutierrez.

Coupled with a screenshot of Gilles's Facebook post. Now, I may not be a simple country lawyer, but I am pretty certain that is neither slander nor defamation.

In a video sent to NBC7 in San Diego, Gilles, a self-identified anti-vaxxer, explains that she never threatened him (no one said she did), and now claims that she is receiving death threats herself.

I never threatened him, I never threatened him, I just called him out on his actions, I never threatened him. And I've received death threats. Thousands. It's very upsetting, it's very scary. [...] I was uh, denied and discriminated against. I didn't harass anyone. I called them out. Because I'm frustrated. Like I said, it starts with coffee but it ends with digital certificates and the Mark of The Beast, all of that, forced vaccinations, and you all know what I'm talking about. You've heard it all.

Well, if we hadn't heard it all before, we certainly have now.

It is unclear what Gilles thought she was calling Gutierrez out for, since there is currently a mandate in San Diego to wear a mask, but to say she never harassed him would be incorrect. She certainly did intend for something to go down. She took a picture of him, she listed the address of the store he worked at, she had some idea of what she thought was going to happen with that. She thought, perhaps, he would be the one shamed. That perhaps, even, he might apologize to her for doing his job and following the city-wide ordinance, unaware that she, as a precious and unique snowflake (and five bucks says an Indigo Child), did not have to wear a mask, like everyone else. That he would feel very sorry for trying to Mark of the Beast her like a common Bill Gates.

But alas, that never happened, and all that came of it is that the whole wide world now knows that she is an asshole who goes around harassing baristas for doing their job. Too bad!

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