Anti-Mural Arizona Councilman Getting His Radio Job Back?


Remember our good Caucasian friend Steve Blair, who lost his job at KYCA radio in the Arizona town of Prescott last month aftermaking his mountain village look like KKK City? According to the official blog of Arizona, Prescott eNews, Blair's old bosses at KYCA have already forgiven him for all his racist hijinks and are bringing him back on their team. One vanilla “Welcome Back” cake coming right up!

Apparently, Blair -- who is also a Prescott city councilman -- is too valuable for KYCA to live without. Or maybe the management doesn't want to look like sissies kowtowing to the Left, as this letter to the Prescott Daily Courier newspaper suggests:

We congratulate KYCA for "manning up" and recognizing the goodwill generated by Steve and re-hiring him. We hope Holsom Bread Co. also will come to understand that and they have also lost a fine representative of their company because of their own "political correctness."

“Holsom” Bread is actually Holsum Breads, and Blair owned the local distributorship. But the Prescott eNews muckrakers reported last month that the company made Blair sell his business,, or they were going to hire artists to paint murals of black guys all over his house.

In other Steve Blair news, a woman with biracial kids is leading a recall effort against him. And he apparently refers to Messicans as "taco flippers," for some reason. Does he not know how to make tacos? It doesn't involve flipping anything -- it's more of a "stuffing" process. [Prescott Daily Courier/Prescott eNews]


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