Anti-Mural Arizona Councilman Won't Ever Resign

Arizona's favorite toxic whitening agent Steve Blair has finally emerged from his Clorox-scented lair to make his first public appearance since becoming Internet Famous. So what did the Prescott city councilman, leader of the tragically successful "Scream Racist Things at Children" campaign and freshly fired radio guy, have to say? And did it involve calling any toddlers the N-word?

It did not! Or at least we haven't seen any reports to that effect, though the pics taken at Blair's "right for Steve Blair to keep a job" rally reveal that there weren't (m)any browns to shout slurs at. Donning a cowboy hat and the same shirt our grandpa wears to Shoney's, Blair stood in an empty lot across from the courthouse with a reported 150 or so of his favorite Blairtards, teaching them about democracy and how unfair it is that when you say racist things, people accuse you of saying racist things.

"Last week, I was fired from KYCA radio station for asking a question," he laments, then yells at somebody for maybe calling him a "fat fuck" or "jizz-eating sand clown" or whatever. (Blair's original question, again for posterity: "To depict the biggest picture on the building as a Black person, I would have to ask the question: Why?")

He admits the question "probably was poorly worded, and in retrospect I also admit that it was probably offensive to some. Pardon me, I need to put my glasses on (fidgets with sunglasses to put on regular glasses) ... probably offensive to some."

It's all downhill from there, with talk of "functual" murals and "eth-ni-tissity" and how this is hopefully a "teachable moment," ha. Also, it was his skills as a "number-cruncher" that led him to conclude that all kids depicted on Prescott elementary school murals should be white.

Blair added that it's everybody else's fault that this "notoriety" mess all happened, because "for the record, nobody has come to me once to say, 'Hey, Steve, let us explain the mural to you and what it means.'" Everything that happens in Prescott must be vetted and approved by Steve Blair, from what condiments people can use on their turkey burgers (lard) to which magazines they can subscribe to (either Juggs or TV Guide).

BONUS: Here's what might the mural have looked like had Steve Blair created it:

[Prescott Daily Courier]


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