Anti-Vax Marjorie Taylor Greene Delivers Pro-Vaccine Message From Her Lord And Savior Donald Trump

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Anti-Vax Marjorie Taylor Greene Delivers Pro-Vaccine Message From Her Lord And Savior Donald Trump

During an interview with rightwing troll Candace Owens, Donald Trump declared the COVID-19 vaccines he invented safe for use. You never know how long Trump will stick with an almost rational opinion that alienates his loonier supporters, but Monday he released another pro-vaccine message through his MAGA herald, Rep. Marjorie Taylor Greene.

Gushing like a fan girl, Greene tweeted that she’d just gotten off the phone with President McDreamy Trump, and they’d "discussed many issues, people, races in ‘22 as well as vaccines and mandates. We discussed #COVID19, how awful the virus from China has been, and how horribly it’s been politicized.”

Scapegoating an entire nation for a global pandemic is, in fact, politicizing the virus. It’s like she doesn’t even listen to herself, which is what I’d recommend.

Greene proudly declared that she has Not-President-Any-Damn-More Trump’s “permission to tell you all that he is 100 percent AGAINST the mandates but he still encourages everyone to get the vaccine and booster. That is his position.”

It’s also not Greene’s position. She’s defiantly unvaccinated and Twitter briefly suspended her for spreading anti-vaccine lies. Last week, at Slayerfest 98 Americafest, she told a cheering crowd of young conservative fools: "I’m not vaccinated. And they’re going to have a hell of a time if they want to hold me down and give me a vaccine.” I’m all out of the 10-foot poles necessary for me to touch this woman, but there’s a good chance that doctors will soon have to hold her down and give her a ventilator.

Now that Trump is relatively pro-vaccine, maybe Greene will stop claiming COVID-19 only kills fat people. Trump apparently told Greene if "he was President he would never mandate the vaccines, and no one would be fired.” Trump fired people for sport on "The Apprentice." You’d think he could fire someone who directly jeopardized his business interests because they were a public health risk. At least Trump confirmed that more people would be dead now if he were still president. All he has to offer is a “Yell At China” policy, which is effective at promoting hate crimes but won’t stop the spread of the virus.

The key thing to remember is where #COVID19 came from. China! We should be holding those who made the virus accountable, not fighting one another.

Greene has a lot of gall to suggest we shouldn’t fight one another when spreading hate’s her whole jam.

GREENE: And protecting our freedoms while promoting life saving treatments, and giving the vaccines to those who want it. Not forced.

Vaccine mandates only became necessary because idiots like Greene spent the past year pushing a full-scale disinformation campaign. Fuck you, lady.

GREENE: For everyone that criticizes Pres Trump about when covid started with shoulda’s coulda’s and woulda’s, I think he and his administration did the best they could.

They did not. They ignored the virus and left “blue” states to die like a bunch of racist psychopaths.

GREENE: The virus was brand new and we’d never seen anything like it. Biden deserves the criticism. He has no excuses.

Biden doesn’t need excuses, because it’s not his fault that Trump supporters choose to die needlessly because they refuse to get vaccinated.

Greene and Trump played Fantasy Presidency for a while, insisting that the Afghanistan withdrawal would’ve gone perfectly under Trump whose administration couldn’t plan a picnic. Oh, and Trump would’ve magically kept gas cheap.

GREENE: We discussed Georgia, my beautiful home state that I love so much. Fulton county is one of the most corrupt counties in the country. Everyone knows it.

Fulton County contains the state’s largest number of Black residents, so Greene loves the peach state except for the brown spots. She’s a gross bigot. I’m generous enough not to wish her ill. I’ll just note that she’s unvaccinated and Omicron is everywhere.

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