Anti-Vaxxer Throws Bloody Diva Cup At California State Senate, 'For The Dead Babies'

Anti-Vaxxer Throws Bloody Diva Cup At California State Senate, 'For The Dead Babies'

On Friday afternoon, while the California State Senate prepared to go into recess, some wacky-ass anti-vaxx lady went and got herself arrested after she "threw a feminine hygiene device containing what appeared to be blood onto the Senate floor" at the senators... while screaming that she was doing it "for the dead babies." How PETA!

Naturally, all of the senators in the building responded to this action by saying, in unison, "Oh wow, we hadn't thought about that before! Never mind, it is totally cool if you want to send your unvaccinated children to school so they can infect children who have compromised immune systems with the measles!"

Except not. Because throwing a diva cup at someone is not a good way to make a point about anything. It is mostly just gross.

According to at least one person, the assailant reportedly claimed it was, indeed, menstrual blood. For those of you who have never used a menstrual cup, let me tell you what that means. It means that she would have had to have just pulled it out. While there. Because those things do not travel with anything in them. They are made of soft silicone and there is pretty much nothing you could cover them with. Saran Wrap would not work! It's too squishy. If you tried to tote that along in your purse, it would leak and you would have a purse full of menstrual blood.

In order to make this happen, she would have had to do one of two things. She could have taken her underwear off (or not have worn any any), squatted down and and straight up reached in to pull that sucker out (very gently, to avoid spillage!) and then thrown it at the senators or she could have brought along some other kind of red liquid in a Thermos or something, and then poured it into the Diva Cup before throwing it. And that almost makes less sense, somehow. Because in that scenario, a Diva Cup would probably be the worst possible fake-blood toting choice. Unless menstrual blood symbolizes something in anti-vaxx land that I don't know about.

The woman, identified as Rebecca Dalelio, 43, by the California Highway Patrol, was at the State Senate along with many other anti-vaxxers to protest the final approval of several bills that would remove a variety of vaccine exemptions for children going to school.

Over the last few years, in California and elsewhere, there has been a rise in anti-vaxx parents getting "medical exemptions" for kids who do not actually need them. They've been able to go to certain doctors, get a note, and then send their kid to school, totally unvaccinated. Now that SB-276 has passed, these medical exemptions will be tracked and if fewer than 95% of a school is vaccinated, or if one doctor writes over five or more exemptions a year, those exemptions will be reviewed in order to make sure that they are actually necessary.

If people don't want to vaccinate their children, we can't really force them to. But no, those kids should not get to go to school and screw up the herd immunity and give everyone the measles, just because they have idiot parents who think vaccines cause autism or whatever. That is not fair. If they want to pull that shit, they can homeschool their kids.

It is unclear what, if anything, this bullshit has to do with menstrual blood.

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