Anti-Wonk'd: Jessica Simpson Was NOT at Smith Point

First Jessica Simpson snubs President Bush -- and now she disses his daughters?

Contrary to rumor, Jessica did not spend last night partying at the Bush twins' favorite haunt, Smith Point. A tipster -- actually, the friend of a tipster -- explains:

it was a complete lie. don't know who started it, but it definitely spread. i got dragged there because of that rumor, and it was completely dead, there was about a max of 40 people at its peak.

here was how the rumor got started, and it was quoted as "being a really good joke". this was posted on

jessica simpson invite smith point.jpg

And while we're in the process of correcting misinformation about Simpson, we might as well note that reports of her deliberately snubbing President Bush may be greatly exaggerated, if not downright inaccurate.

Our starstuck sibling out in Lalaland offers this report. Money quote, from Simpson pere: "We are huge fans of [President Bush] and of his family, his girls. Jessica loves the heck out of him."

If only the other 66 percent of the country felt the same way.

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