AP Sees the Future and It Is the Present

After filing a story about the presidential debate a good half a day early last week, AP's personal rip in the space-time continuum gets bigger with a story that appears to report on the veep debate as thought it also has already taken place. We think. The syntax is, to put it mildly, tortured:

After lashing out at each other for months from a distance, the two vice presidential candidates were meeting face to face. . . The debate was being staged in Ohio, considered one of the top prizes in this election . . . Cheney was flying to Cleveland on Tuesday from his home in Jackson, Wyoming, and also was attending a post-debate rally.
The story being written so, it actually sounds like the debate is taking place right now. Quick, where's a drinking game?!

UPDATE: What do you learn when you make jokes based on criticizing the media? You learn a lot about the media, that's what! So: You mean they write this way intentionally? You mean they update throughout the day for the papers that "go to bed" early? We see: They make shit up and then backtrack as real events unfold. Huh. You'd think they were bloggers or something. Still looking for that drinking game, though!

Cheney, Edwards prepare to debate [AP/CNN]


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