Apple iPhone Censoring Birth Control, Help For Rape Victims

Apple iPhone Censoring Birth Control, Help For Rape Victims

Because Apple designs computing devices that aren't as hideous and abysmal asother computing devices on the market, people who possess aesthetic values (liberals) have long loved the company and its products. But Apple is still a multinational corporation, one of the world's biggest, and it is certainly evil in terms of its slave-labor work force in Asia, its utter lack of philanthropic giving, and its new iPhone's censorship of women's health issues. Need Viagra? "Siri" is ready to help with a list of nearby drugstores. Drive fast! Need emergency contraception, birth control clinics or maybe the police, because you've been raped? Apple's iPhone is programmed not to understand!

The feminist/progressive blog Amadi Talks documented the voice-activated software's refusal to provide information about reproductive health:

Siri can answer a lot of health related questions perfectly well, why shouldn’t we expect it to be able to answer reproductive health related queries too? Why treat reproductive health as a walled-off garden that the general public can’t or shouldn’t be exposed to? It’s not simply that in some places Siri has sent people to distant anti-choice fake clinics when they’ve asked where they can get abortions (and there are providers near to them) it’s also that in some locations (including mine) Siri refuses to disclose abortion clinic locations at all.

Worse, when someone tells the phone, "I was raped," it gives an outrageously sarcastic and hateful "Really!" as its reply. But if you're another bloated businessman looking to refill a Viagra prescription, "Siri" is ready to help -- it immediately displays a list of nearby pharmacies.

We suspected the "Siri" gimmick would be loaded with out-of-bounds topics, and when we first encountered someone's new iPhone, we immediately asked the device "Where's Steve Jobs?" Because it would be funny if the new phone knew, right? A modern day seance. But we just weren't ready to assume the Apple phone would come preloaded with a right-wing anti-woman pro-rape agenda. Fuck Apple. [Amadi Talks/Think Progress]

PS -- All the other "smart phones" are also evil. For example, they log every word you type, everything you search, everywhere you go. So, uh, throw them all away. Or, recycle. Recycle them!


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