Are We Done With TV of Black People Charged With Misdemeanors Now?


Are those syndicated shows like "C.O.P.S." still a thing, with the haw-haw video of poor people committing minor property crimes or trying to take some drugs to dull the misery of existing in a rotten society? There's still such a feature in the Bay Area, in the shitty KRON-TV local news. Let's all have laffs about people with the wrong skin color breaking the rich man's laws. Oh wait, this guy pulled over for being solo in the carpool lane is not having it. And why is the goddamned cop allowing this schlub to videotape someone accused of a crime? Is the cop getting a kickback? Are the slobs behind the camera sharing donuts?

"Why aren't you videotaping what's going on in Oakland?" Well that's a real good question, isn't it? Let's see, because it's easier to buddy up with the CHP and get some video of people freaking out over a $500 ticket. This guy driving -- and owning the scumbag teevee cameraman -- needs to bring the video to the courtroom, demand a judge, and demand the charges be dropped. How can anyone believe a cop when the cop is doing a show for the teevee cameraman?

Also, note the teevee cameraman being a bitch in the YouTube comments. Teevee cameramen in this country are always on the side of the cops and the bankers. [Via Gawker]

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