Are You As Dumb As America's Smartest College Kids?

America.According to some sad professor, America's college freshmen are the dumbest, most vapid bunch of hapless fools in World History. They are so stupid that even the smartest of them -- the top 10% of high school graduates with the high SAT scores -- believe extraordinary rendition is a "version of a movie or play."

If you're thinking, "Ha ha, I can't possibly be that stupid," then take our fun quiz based on this cranky professor's cranky essay.

This teacher, "Ted Gup," writes in next week's issue of the Chronicle of Higher Education:

In an introductory journalism class, 11 of 18 students could not name what country Kabul was in, although we have been at war there for half a decade. Last fall only one in 21 students could name the U.S. secretary of defense. Given a list of four countries -- China, Cuba, India, and Japan -- not one of those same 21 students could identify India and Japan as democracies. Their grasp of history was little better. The question of when the Civil War was fought invited an array of responses -- half a dozen were off by a decade or more. Some students thought that Islam was the principal religion of South America, that Roe v. Wade was about slavery, that 50 justices sit on the U.S. Supreme Court, that the atom bomb was dropped on Hiroshima in 1975. You get the picture, and it isn't pretty.

Okay then, here's the survey!

So Much For The Information Age [Chronicle of Higher Education]


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