Are You Having Regrets About Last Night?

Oh, I've made that face beforeLook, Nick, I know that after the end of a deep relationship like ours the temptation is to slum it a little to get it out of your system. I totally get it. But, hon, is it really a good idea to spend the night with someone you're so embarrassed to be seen with the next morning? I'm sure it sounded kind of hot/dirty when he suggested setting up his own tent on the lawn of the Élysée Palace, but when your own friends started to bail on the event because Muammar el-Qaddafi is such a skeezy guy, you might have thought about reconsidering. I mean, those nurses were from Belgium, after all. In any case, dear, if you want to talk about it or whatever to just get it out of our system, I'm still happy to be your friend if it prevents you from further mistakes like this, ok? [NY Times]


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