Are You One of America's Main Whores, As Far As Cheating On Your Spouse?


It's not cheating if you wear a diaper!An important new study from a company that arranges sex-cheating partners says the top married women whores are real-estate agents, secretaries, nurses, "stay at home moms" and teachers at the top spot, exactly like everybody already knew. The top married men whores are engineers (?!), real estate agents, lawyers, cops and doctors -- again, exactly like everybody already knew, except for the "engineers" part.

What do engineers consider "cheating," anyway? Crying while watching Wall-E? Glancing at a girl?

Anyway, politicians are noticeably absent from this list, because politicians don't need a sex-cheating website to help them, because that's what lobbyists are for, for politicians to fuck all the time in super-gross ways. [Yahoo News]


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