Area Legislator Very Upset Over Redskins Season

The other day, Virginia state delegate Frank Hargrove upset a couple thin-skinned liberals by telling black people that slavery wasn't so bad and that they should just get over it. Hargrove, to his credit, quickly realized his error -- he'd only directly offended one ethnic group. He made up for that yesterday.

Hargrove was quoted as saying that asking the state to apologize for slavery would be akin to asking Jews to apologize for killing Christ.

Hargrove told [Jewish delegate David] Englin, D-Alexandria, who's also his seatmate, that "your skin was a little too thin."

If he can get the racial slurs a little more obscure (and fun to say), we think we're looking at our next US Senator from the great state of Virginia!

Hargrove Offends Blacks, Jews [TimesDispatch]


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