Aren't These Guys Supposed To Know About Money? Liveblogging Dearborn, Part II

savejobs.jpgPart one is here, and this is part two, and Fred Thompson has so far said one vague thing in the whole first 17 minutes. We are liveblogging the crazy GOP daytime soap opera game show debate live from Dearborn, Michigan!

* Hell yeah, Huckabee is for the rights of prostitutes and pimps to not pay taxes.

* Huckabee is once again coming across as the only Republican who both knows and seemingly cares about all the people who work all the time and yet are still poor.

* Sadly, he also thinks the "fair tax" is the way to help that situation -- a totally regressive tax.

* Duncan Hunter is building weapons in China?

* Sammy Brownback is the first to pull the old one-word answer and then launch into a speech about something else -- taxes, flat tax, etc., in this case.

* Hey, Tom Tancredo is here! He will not raise taxes (except on Mexicans).

* Rudy cut taxes 24 times. If he was effective, he would've just cut them once, right?

* Mitt, beloved former governor of Taxachusetts, rightly identifies Rudy as an enemy of the Supreme Court, President Reagan, and America.

* Oh good they are having a pissing match over who cut taxes to this percentage or that percentage. Everybody is falling asleep. The Money Honey is trading stocks on her Blackberry. Everybody quit applauding. Ron Paul is counting his gold doubloons.


* Rudy says he is the only Republican who has ever beat Bill Clinton at anything, which is probably sort of true, although it wasn't anyone anybody cared about, ultimately.

* Hey Fredneck, what about people who lose their manufacturing job and three-quarters of them are forced to take jobs that pay less?

* Fredneck: "Free market economy is the best in the world."

* The working people of America rise in applause, as Hollywood Fred has solved the problem of the masses of working poor by talking about foreign markets and corporate taxes. FAIL.

* Duncan Hunter has the admirable habit of saying "communist China" in every answer. Laugh, office worker, but "communist China" resonates with all the people who have gone from union jobs with good benefits to Wal-Mart greeters making minimum wage.

* John McCain wants you poor people to make your living off eBay. Hey, 50,000 people can't be wrong, right?

* Walnuts made his first "My friends" of the day! Also, some joke about Republican Bears and criminal charges? What next, a furry joke from Brownback?

* Tom Tancredo can turn illegal aliens into money, probably using a machine.

* Wait, is Ben Bernanke asking questions? Who is that dude? Ah that's the WSJ's Washington bureau chief!

* Mitt is concerned about people sitting down with Mexicans.

* Also, Mitt Romney the $300-million man doesn't know (or doesn't want you to know) that "average" doesn't mean what he pretends it means. In other words, "the American worker" sure as hell isn't "$9,000 richer a year" because of globalization.

* Oh nice, Maria is forcing Rudy to act like he's protectionist/anti-Arab when we all know he is right now, probably with his left hand on a Blackberry, giving legal advice to Hugo Chavez and Fidel Castro for $1 million a minute.

3:33 P.M. -- Whoops, we forgot the time stamps! Time for a new thread, then. And here it is!


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