Arizona City To Build Medieval Moat To Stave Off Illegals

Since George W. Bush and the Congress never agreed on a plan to Keep The Mexicans Out, desperate alien colonies in the Southwest are resorting to time-tested strategies to save their jobs. Aside from shooting all Illegals in the face, the city of Yuma, Arizona is considering refilling and expanding the Colorado River to build a medieval-style moat. It may keep out the dragons, disgruntled Celts and other Saxon hordes. But can it stop the Mexicans?

The Yuma Sheriff has to be a Paultard. This is unequivocal Pautardspeak:

"The moats that I've seen circled the castle and allowed you to protect yourself, and that's kind of what we're looking at here," said Yuma County Sheriff Ralph Ogden, who is backing the project.

"What you are building is a moat, but it's bringing the life and the wildlife back," said Ogden, an Old West lawman with a handlebar mustache, explaining how the project differs from other plans to fix the border.

"It's innovative thinking. It doesn't take much brainpower to build a 12-foot high fence around something, but this is unique."

Very very unique! It's not like, say, illegal immigrants have ever tried swimming into the United States, which might have led to some awful racial epithet about Hispanics in general! Everyone knows that Mexicans are scared of water.

Arizona city seeks moat to secure Mexico border [Reuters/Yahoo]


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