Arizona Councilman/Radio Host Fired For Racist Anti-Mural Campaign


A little bit of justice? Maybe. A news website and tourism agency inPrescott, Arizona, announced in the dead of night that Prescott city councilman and local-wingnut KYCA talk-show idiot Steve Blair has been fired from his radio show because he's bringing national shame to Prescott because he campaigned to have the faces of little school children removed from a K-5 mural because some of the kids were black and brown. HE SHOULD BE DUMPED IN A CESSPOOL FILLED WITH BOILING BP CRUDE, etc.

But whatever, look at this fat fucking hunchbacked pig, and pity him if you have that kind of generous soul. And if you live in Prescott, head on out this morning and try to make the town look a little better to the outside world. [Prescott News]


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