Arizona State Senator Named WADSACK Will Ban All The Drag Queens, That's Right, WADSACK

A bill has been introduced in the Arizona Legislature (SB 1698) to ban all drag queening in the presence of minors. It was introduced in the state House by GOP Reps. Cory McGarr and Rachel Jones, and in the state Senate by GOP Sen. Justine Wadsack.

Wait what?

Oh we see what this is, there is a wizard somewhere who did a secret spell on Wonkette that can only be lifted if we make it through this article without making fun of WADSACK. Well joke's on you, we don't even believe in wizards!

All bills to ban drag shows are the demented creations of societal shut-ins, but WADSACK's bill is a particularly WADSACK example of the genre.

Alejandra Caraballo helpfully tweeted this screengrab of the text:

What's drag? "Dress in clothing and use makeup and other physical markers opposite of the performer's or group of performers' genders at birth to exaggerate gender signifiers and roles." AND "Engage in singing, dancing or a monologue or skit in order to entertain an audience of two or more people."

If you do both of those things, YOU ARE DRAG SHOW. And if you expose a child to that, the bill explains later on, that's a felony, you have exposed a minor to an "adult oriented performance," you could go to prison for up to 15 years, and you'd have to register as a sex offender.


Clearly Senator Wadsack is a homophobic, transphobic asshole. She claims no NBA basketball fan would ever enjoy a drag show at halftime, we guess because she doesn't realize sports games of all kinds are full of LGBTQ+ fans and players. She's one of those brain-addled idiots who thinks the COVID-19 vaccine is causing people to drop dead all over the place.

She's got this meme about how there's no cancer vaccine either. You know, to prevent the cancer virus.

So yeah, she seems cool.

While we've got your attention, lately when we write about conservative Christians trying to ban drag performances, we've been noting that it's a well-known scientific fact that kids are FAR more likely to be sexually abused by conservative Christian pastors and youth group leaders than they are by drag queens. And to prove it, we go to the JoeMyGod website, where Joe Jervis aggregates all the local news headlines about those cases.

Last time we did it was on January 25. For the week of the 18th to the 25th, there were NINE separate stories. Let's see how many there have been since the 25th.

Boerne-area music school owner, tutor arrested on child sex crime charges, records show(also a church musician)

Pelham teacher and coach who served as church youth director arrested on child porn charge

Prosper ISD school board president arrested, charged with indecency with a child(also a pastor)

Former pastor pleads guilty to felony attempted statutory sex offense with minor

Former Kalamazoo pastor sentenced to 1 year in jail (because sex crimes involving teenage boys)

Gravette sober living pastor arrested on sexual assault, weapons charges(that one was actually for sexual assault of an adult, BUT he was convicted of second degree sexual assault of a child in 1998)

Also, in South Dakota, a former GOP county board chair was arrested for child porn. We didn't include that one in the official list, because not a pastor, but just putting it out there.

OK, everybody, now go Google how many drag queens!

Or maybe you haven't stopped laughing at WADSACK yet, that is also an option.


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