Arizona GOP Rep. Paul Gosar Caught Cuddling With White Supremacists Again

In a Congress that features Marjorie Taylor Greene, it's easy to forget about the other white supremacists and conspiracy loons in the Republican caucus. Or at least we imagine that's what Republican leadership would like you to do. They seem to like it when there's just one person everybody focuses on. Before Greene, it was Steve King. Remember when King said Nazi things all the time and palled around with far-right white extremists FOR YEARS, and finally Republicans (allegedly) had enough of him making them look bad doing that FOR YEARS, so they stripped him of his committee assignments? That was a whole thing.

We need to talk about GOP Congress-dentist Rep. Paul Gosar of Arizona. Most longtime readers of Wonkette probably know Gosar as the congressman whose own siblings hate him so much they make ads encouraging people to vote against their brother. Just recently his brother Dave called him a "traitor to this country." Some of his siblings want him kicked out of Congress.

Lately Gosar's been whining every chance he gets that Ashli Babbitt, one of the Capitol attackers, was "executed" on January 6, which is an odd way of describing the cops shooting somebody trying to force themselves through a line of police and breaking a window to try to break into the private Speaker's Lobby. Who's on the side of the Trump-incited terrorists? Paul Gosar is!

Just recently he was one of only 14 members of the House just apparently too racist to vote to make Juneteenth a federal holiday. He's just an amazing asshole.

And now there's a new spotlight on Gosar, with news that Gosar is doing a fundraiser with noted white supremacist Nazi-adjacent Holocaust denier freakshow Nick Fuentes, leader of the white nationalist, baaaaasically Nazi-lite conservative group called the "Groypers." (Don't call them that, though! They like to be called "Christianity" and "traditional values," which seems like splitting hairs to us at this point.)

It's not his first time rubbing shoulders with Fuentes either, as Gosar gave the keynote speech a few months back for Fuentes's "America First Political Action Conference" (AFPAC), which happened at the same time as CPAC.

Fuentes thinks there should be a "homeland" for white people. There's video of Fuentes denying the Holocaust. There's video of Fuentes encouraging the attack on the Capitol. At that AFPAC conference, Fuentes reportedly practically joy-jizzed himself over how great the Capitol terrorist attack was, and spoke of the need to protect America's "white demographic core." Again, Gosar gave the keynote speech for this group's event. When some backlash happened, he said, "There is a group of young people that are becoming part of the election process and becoming a bigger force." (Nazis?) "So why not take that energy and listen to what they've got to say?" (That Nazi energy? Those Nazi things they've got to say?)

Later, at CPAC, Gosar did say that Fuentes's racism was "inappropriate." We guess that makes it all better.

This time, though, Gosar's reaction to being called out for being cuddle-buddies with people who might as well just call themselves Nazis started out way more pissy:

They don't "agree 100%" on every issue. Some of them think the Holocaust happened, some of them think that's a dangerous myth. Teach the controversy!

Strangely, though, something seems to have happened between that tweet and last night, because Gosar is now singing a different tune. Fundraiser? What fundraiser?

Rep. Paul A. Gosar (R-Ariz.) on Tuesday denied that he plans to attend a fundraiser this week with a group that promotes white nationalist ideas, despite an invitation for the event circulating online that features the congressman and Nick Fuentes, a far-right operative who leads America First. [...]

"I have no idea what's going on. That's news to me," he said. "There's no fundraiser scheduled on Friday."

It's news to him!

Reporting in the Washington Postsuggests that maybe House Minority Leader Kevin McCarthy might have told Gosar to please pipe that shit down or at least hide it a little better. Or maybe he didn't. But McCarthy and Gosar spoke yesterday, and we are sure they had a good talk:

On Tuesday morning, House Republican leaders declined to comment on the possibility Gosar would attend a fundraiser with Fuentes, saying they needed to look into the matter.

Later in the day, McCarthy spoke with Gosar and said afterward that the Arizona Republican told him he didn't know anything about the fundraiser.

"He says he doesn't have — that it's not real. That he doesn't have anything on his schedule," McCarthy said in a brief interview.

Right, you betcha.

At press time, Gosar was on Twitter white-splaining why the "America First" he champions IS NOT EITHER racist, and claiming moreover that the movement "does not include any racial supremacists and never has." Uh huh.

[Washington Post]

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