Arizona GOP State Senator Wendy Rogers Just Being Openly Anti-Semitic Now

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Arizona GOP State Senator Wendy Rogers Just Being Openly Anti-Semitic Now

Arizona GOP Governor Doug Ducey spent a lot of time and effort helping elect Big Lie promoter Wendy Rogers to the state Senate. Arizona Mirror reporter Jeremy Duda asked him last week if he was still happy with that investment, and Ducey sagely observed that Rogers isn’t a Democrat so she’s all right with him. It doesn’t seem to bother Ducey that Rogers doesn't appear to be all right in the head, either.

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Rogers’s latest racist cry for help was an unhinged tweetstorm Sunday, with some anti-Semitic trash about Ukraine and President Volodymyr Zelenskyy:

“So when will the #FakeNews tell us the truth about Ukraine instead of just the pro-Clinton Global Initiative side?” She followed up with a message packed inside an invisible yet giant triple parentheses: "Zelensky is a globalist puppet for Soros and the Clintons.” These are repulsive, bigoted lies.



She grossly smeared Zelenskyy, who's bravely leading his nation through this crisis:

If Zelensky was so great why didn’t he amass troops and tanks to defend his country when people were warning him that hundreds of thousands of Russian troops and tanks were amassed on his border for months? Pretty big blunder. Typical liberal who doesn’t project strength.

Rogers was a lieutenant colonel in the Air Force so she should comprehend why visibly amassing troops and tanks would’ve made Ukraine an easy target for Russia. Granted, it’s hard to think clearly when your brain has apparently caught fire inside your own skull.

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She went on to claim that the "West is trying to deplatform and debank Russia. This is just as wrong as invading Ukraine.” No, genius, the global response to Russia’s unprovoked invasion of a sovereign nation is not morally similar. The RT network would find these talking points embarrassing. (Perhaps.)


Zelenskyy is Jewish, so Rogers doesn’t try to hide her anti-Semitism when she declares “I stand with the Christians worldwide not the global bankers who are shoving godlessness and degeneracy in our faces.” This is some Joseph Arthur Gobineau crap that suggests civilization has declined because of non-Aryan cultural “degeneracy.” It’s scary to consider how much of this sentiment is baked into modern conservatism and the MAGA movement specifically.

Rogers tweeted that French President Emmanuel Macron, New Zealand Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern, Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau, and Zelenskyy "all report to the same Satanic masters." If you openly resent our democratic allies while making kissy faces at Putin, you might have a serious problem.

Then there’s this:

If you don’t understand that Hitler and Napoleon invaded Russia and tried to take Moscow or what the Cuban Missile Crisis is open a history book. The #FakeNews won’t tell you, they just want global government so they can enslave us all.

The bankers want a great reset and World War III.

Wow. Just wow.

She insists she just wants to avoid World War III, which is certainly reasonable, but she literally nominated Donald Trump to "broker a truce" between Zelenskyy and Vladimir Putin. It’s laughable enough when Republicans embrace Trump as some sort of strongman, but it’s absolutely absurd to suggest he’s capable of any form of diplomacy. Bulls negotiate their way through china shops more effectively.

This morning, Rogers was still at it. She tweeted, "The media are a bunch of Soros assets for the New World Order.” This is textbook anti-Semitism.

Doug Ducey helped elect this gibbering white nationalist and feels zero regret because something, something, tax cuts. That’s why there are no “good” Republicans.

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