Arizona Gov. Employs Untalented Illegal Frog Monster To Make Fun Of Holder, Napolitano


[youtube expand=1]

One of the funnier ladies in America is Arizona Gov. Jan Brewer, who just signs whatever racist pieces of paper the nearby wingnuts put on her desk and then says weird nonsense about them in front of teevee cameras. Here is her latest campaign ad defending the very racist racism law she recently signed, the one ordering Mexicans to die.

Brewer's campaign ponied up for a singing frog hand-puppet to sing about how Eric Holder and Janet Napolitano haven't even read the racist law that just went into place in racist Arizona. The frog's voice is like Kermit's, but more "lung cancer."

It is a beautiful song, perhaps the most beautiful. Lyrics by John McCain on an Ambien rampage.

[Think Progress]


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