Arizona Legislature Seeks Ban On 'Anti-Western' (BLACK) Teachings

Ha ha, you can't be in a clubAn Arizona legislature panel has endorsed a proposal to bar "any teachings considered counter to democracy or Western civilization" from the state's public schools. "Muslims," you're thinking. "They don't want Muslim teachings." That would be horrible but at least predictable. But the measure would also "prohibit students of the state's universities and community colleges from forming groups based in whole or part on the race of their members, such as the Black Business Students Association at Arizona State University or Native Americans United at Northern Arizona University." What a magnificent piece of legislation from John McCain's state!

The bill is the "brainchild" of Mesa Rep. Russell Pearce, who doesn't like that Negro and Terrorist learnin' in his here American educations:

Pearce, a Mesa Republican, said his target isn't diversity instruction, but schools that use taxpayer dollars to indoctrinate students in what he characterized as anti-American or seditious thinking. The measure is at least partially a response to a controversy surrounding an ethnic-studies program in the Tucson Unified School District, which critics have said is unpatriotic and teaches revolution.

SB 1108 states, "A primary purpose of public education is to inculcate values of American citizenship. Public tax dollars used in public schools should not be used to denigrate American values and the teachings of Western civilization."

And what does a black business students' association do besides denigrate American values and the teachings of Western civilization?

Plan targets anti-Western lessons [Arizona Republic]


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