Arizona Schools Ban Mex-Am Studies, Angry Kids Put On Janitorial Duty

Arizona Schools Ban Mex-Am Studies, Angry Kids Put On Janitorial Duty

In a page right out of Newt Gingrich's alternate-history science-fiction wingnut-polygamy utopian epicCandyland Space Land, the school district in Tucson has completely banned Mexican-American studies, seized all the textbooks and even wall posters from the classrooms, and punished the students who protested by sentencing them to janitorial duty. The self-hating Latina lady who oversees the now-illegal ethnic studies program even comically told the kids, "Mexico is where Mexican studies is taught, not America!" Why oh why does the Newt have to be in stinky old South Carolina during such a historical moment in stomping the Mexican, for freedom?

The insanely racist Arizona law, HB 2281, specifically targets ethnic studies in the public schools. Tucson's Mexican-American Studies program was specifically shut down to meet the law's requirements, although administrator Lupita Garcia -- who sure sounds like a Mexican to us -- seemed utterly delighted to shut down the district's program and shout racist idiocy at the students.

The students bravely marched five miles from Cholla High School (better change that name!) to the Mexican-American Studies headquarters ... and as punishment for this crime against white society, they were all put on janitorial slave duty. Sounds like Tucson needs to be occupied! (Weather is very nice this time of year. It's a good season for a Mexican-sounding revolution.) [Guardian/Tucson Citizen]


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