Arizona Senate Throws Sweet Grandma Wendy Rogers Under Bus Just Because She’s Anti-Semitic Loon

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Arizona Senate Throws Sweet Grandma Wendy Rogers Under Bus Just Because She’s Anti-Semitic Loon

The Arizona state Senate finally had enough of Sen. Wendy Rogers’s violent and racist rhetoric. Tuesday, 13 Democrats and 11 Republicans voted to censure Rogers — the first public rebuke of a state senator by her own colleagues in three decades. But Rogers truly earned the distinction. She’s reached Guinness levels of repulsive bigotry.

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Republican Sen. Rick Gray read the censure motion describing how Rogers engaged in “conduct unbecoming of a senator, including publicly issuing and promoting social media and video messages encouraging violence against and punishment of American citizens and making threatening statements declaring 'political destruction' of those who disagree with her views. The senator from District 6 has damaged the reputation of the Arizona state Senate by her actions.”

Arizona Republicans clearly have higher standards than Republicans in the House of Representatives, who refused to collectively support any measure of accountability for Marjorie Taylor Greene and Paul Gosar. The Arizona Senate’s censure of Rogers was both bipartisan and overwhelming, with only three members voting no.

Rogers has been a garbage fire for a long while, but she outdid herself over the past few days. Friday, before she spoke at Nick Fuentes’s white nationalist event, she posted a grotesque anti-semitic image on her Gab and Telegram accounts. She was photoshopped next to Fuentes and some other asshole standing behind a dead rhino, who’d done nothing wrong. Branded across the rhino’s corpse was “CPAC,” which contained a fresh new star of David. The racist implication is that Jews control the Conservative Political Action Committee (they do not). Who does this? Well, aside from Nazis.

During her remarks at Fuentes’s America First Political Action Conference, where she described white nationalists as “patriots,” Rogers openly threatened her political enemies: "I’ve said we need to build more gallows. If we try some of these high-level criminals, convict them and use a newly built set of gallows, it’ll make an example of these traitors who have betrayed our country.” She claims this wasn’t a call for violence but for “justice,” but this isn’t 18th Century revolutionary France. Have you ever tried to get a decent croissant in Arizona?

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Sunday, she went on an anti-semitic tear against Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelenskyy, who she said reports to "the same Satanic masters” as French President Emmanuel Macron, New Zealand Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern, and Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau.

Prior to Tuesday’s censure vote, Arizona state Sen. Wendy Rogers wrote on her Telegram channel: "So today is the day where we find out if the Communists in the GOP throw the sweet grandma under the bus for being white.” She also tweeted that she “wouldn’t apologize for being white.”

There are so many ways to be white without being gross and disgusting. Try reading Hallmark cards out loud like Eddie Murphy in that “White Like Me” Saturday Night Live sketch.

The sweet grandma remains unbowed after her censure. She now argues that her free speech rights were somehow violated – the last refuge of bigots who don’t understand how free association works. Her colleagues are free to want nothing to do with her and her deranged anti-semitism.

ROGERS: Freedom of speech is one of the most precious rights we have under heaven, and this censure is nothing more than an attempt to limit my speech. I represent hundreds of thousands of people and the majority of them are with me and want me to be their voice. You are really censuring them.

I do not apologize, I will not back down and I am sorely disappointed in the leadership of this body for colluding with the Democrats to attempt to destroy my reputation. In the end, I rejoice in knowing I do and say what is right and I speak as a free American regardless of the actions of this corrupted process today.

I wish I could say good riddance, but she’s probably already on the 2024 MAGA VP shortlist.

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