Arizona Wingnut Knows Democrats Do All The Mass Shootings, It's Just Science

Arizona Wingnut Knows Democrats Do All The Mass Shootings, It's Just Science

Let us all give a giant Wonkette welcome to Gary Kiehne, a candidate for the Republican nomination for Congress in Arizona’s First District. Kiehne is a rancher and hotel owner running on a platform of having more guns and ammo than any of the other candidates in the race so…profit? Also during a Republican debate on Saturday, he said that when it comes to mass shootings,

If you look at all the fiascos that have occurred, 99 percent of them have been by Democrats pulling their guns out and shooting people. So I don’t think you have a problem with the Republicans.

Actually if you look at which party advances the propaganda that the boy tyrant Barack Hussein Obama has secret plans to forcibly take away all your guns, which in turn makes some gun owners so paranoid and irrational they become completely unhinged if anyone suggests even the mildest of gun control laws, we’re going to say we very much have a problem with Republicans.

Beyond that, it drives us nuts that anytime there has been a mass shooting in recent years, people immediately need to slap a political party label on the shooter and make sure it sticks. Jared Loughner, James Holmes and Adam Lanza did not have coherent political philosophies. They were young loners with serious mental problems. Labeling them as Democrats or Republicans trivializes the monstrosity of their mental health issues and their crimes. However, were it not for Republicans (and, to be fair, conservative rural-state Democrats) these mentally-ill dipshits might not have had access to enough semi-automatic weapons to outfit the National Guard in the first place.

So yes, we have a problem with Republicans on this issue.

Also, as always we're fascinated at how the wingnuts think liberals are a bunch of pansy gun-haters who would rather drink a latte then defend our freedoms...until someone pulls out a gun and kills a bunch of people. Then all of a sudden they can't start screeching about the shooter being a liberal Dem fast enough.

Not that Kiehne’s opponent, Adam Kwasman, a member of the Arizona House of Representatives, is any better. Unless you define “better” as “panders even harder to the rubes and their paranoia.”

I have a hundred percent pro-Second Amendment voting record in the state legislature, and we have to fight because (Democratic incumbent) Ann Kirkpatrick has said all options are on the table. She has said that publicly when it comes to our Second Amendment rights. That is a very scary situation and it goes a lot farther than just gun ownership […]

It’s a God-given natural right to keep and bear arms…I’m a practicing member of the Jewish faith. Let me tell you what having that experience, knowing what’s happened to my people in Nazi Germany when they came for the firearms first. It’s exactly what the British did, it’s exactly what the Nazis did. They come for the firearms, they come for the way you protect yourself and you’re finished. It’s very personal for me.

Adam, bubele, as a fellow member of the tribe, we must chastise you for lying to the goyim. That “the Nazis took the Jews' guns” canard is wrong, and it is unacceptable for you to lie like a rug and make these people even nuttier just to get what you want. You’re not a Mormon. What would your bubbe say?

Adam also said this:

I am the worst duck hunter you have ever met. I’m a great dove hunter but I cannot hit a duck worth anything, it’s terrible.

Great. A gun owner who admits he’s a lousy shot unless he’s firing at a bird traditionally seen as a symbol of peace. Remind us to stay the hell out of Arizona’s First District forever.

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