Arizona Winning 'America's Dumbest State' Contest With New 'Birther' Legislation

Arizona Winning 'America's Dumbest State' Contest With New 'Birther' Legislation

Despite its complete dependence on Big Government welfare water schemes and its many scenic environmentalist locations and plentiful Mexicans, Arizona has been America's Wingnut Paradise for half a century. But by the 1980s, even Barry Goldwater was too subtle for the modern wingnut's taste, so used-car salesman Evan Mecham served as governor for just 15 months. That was long enough for Ev tokill Arizona's Martin Luther King Jr. holiday and make enough racist statements to cost the state $25 million in canceled conventions after a nationwide boycott was called by Stevie Wonder. Then a lot of other ridiculous stuff happened: Walnuts McCain releasing Sarah Palin upon the nation, the sheriff of Phoenix running pogroms against Latinos, the state officially endorsing racial profiling to finally clear its territory of Mexicans. What could come next? Oh yeah, birthers.

Arizona's house of representatives on Wednesday passed a bill requiring candidates for the U.S. presidency to provide their birth certificate to the Arizona secretary of state. Ha ha, that's surely not aimed at any particular president currently in the White House who will be running again in two years.

The Arizona Capitol Times reports:

“Arizona is seen as a laughingstock around the nation,” said Rep. Kyrsten Sinema, a Phoenix Democrat who voted against the bill. “I am ashamed that this is even a topic of discussion.”

Now it goes to the state senate, which will hopefully pass this thing so that Governor Jan Brewer can sign it and seal Arizona's fate as America's stupidest & most bigoted state. Or maybe she'll win that award by signing the Gestapo anti-Mexican law already sitting on her desk. [CBS News]

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