Arkansas Senator Dude Tired Of Homos Parading About During Sunday Church Services

Arkansas state Sen. Jason Rapert has had thoughts again! We last heard from him when he was helpfully trying to get a Ten Commandments monument constructed on the grounds of the Arkansas state capitol, for "historical reasons," because, like, all of our judicial system is based on those ten suggestions. (DUH.) Well, this week, he's pissed off about the fags and fag-adjacents (read: lesbians) who decided, for the 12TH YEAR IN A ROW, to hold the Conway, Arkansas, gay pride parade on a Sunday, because he knows those gays picked that day in order to persecute godly Bible-believers like Rapert, who simply wish to get to church on Sunday unscathed by glitter or joy. Rapert logged on to the Facebook to tell us all how the gays hurt him in his no-no parts. Let's mock him:

Tomorrow in Conway, Arkansas, a "Gay Pride Parade" approved by Mayor Tab Townsell and the Conway City Council back in 2003 will once again be conducted on the Sabbath Day. How many parades do you know of that are scheduled to take place on a Sunday? Have you ever wondered why they chose a Sunday to conduct a parade?

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Two things here. The "Sabbath day," according to the Bible, is Saturday. Perhaps the better question is how super smart Christian Jason Rapert missed that detail. Also, we Googled "Sunday parades," and we found Mardi Gras parades, St. Patrick's Day parades, and yes, also, too, gay pride parades. So unless every single organizer of all of those parades is doing so for "fuck Jesus" purposes, we are pretty sure the choice of day is harmless. Hey, maybe it's because most people are off on Sunday? Granted, they're not all going to church with Rapert to learn about how the kid-molesting of prominent Arkansas conservative Josh Duggar is not all that bad, or how the kid-"rehoming" of Arkansas state Rep. Justin Harris was totally necessary, because "demons." The pride parade in Conway is probably a lot safer place for Arkansas kids, come to think of it.

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Rapert continues to piss his pants, all over his Facebook page:

I believe it is because they understand that the lifestyle they are glorifying on our streets is considered sin by every Bible-believing Christian and they use their parade on a day reserved to worship God and reverence the Lord to mock Christians. I object to Mayor Townsell and the Conway City Council continuing to allow people, many of whom do not even live in our community, to parade down our streets on a Sunday and accuse Christians of being "bigots" because they believe the Bible teaches that homosexuality is sin. This is truly one of the most offensive public displays against Christians you will find anywhere in our state and especially offensive because they have specifically chosen Sunday to try and intimidate people who believe in the Word of God.

Oh, these backwoods yokels. They really truly believe their own bilious filth about how "every Bible-believing Christian" thinks gays are terrible and going to hell, when the truth of the matter is that there are millions of "Bible-believing Christians" who believe gays are just fine.

Rapert cries and cries for more words than we ever would want to reproduce here, because really, fuck him, but we'll point out one more thing:

I submit that the same-sex marriage agenda that came before the U.S. Supreme Court warrants the same response from all Americans - remind the 9 justices that 96.2% of Americans should not be forced to affirm the confusion of 3.8% who demand our full attention.

The senator does not seem to like minorities, of ANY kind. We're not sure what happened in his upbringing that convinced him that he, Jason Rapert, represents the Good Kind of American, when his brain is so broken that he thinks we should fix ISIS, with nuclear bombs. (SORRY ISRAEL AND SYRIA AND LEBANON, the prolapsed anus from Arkansas thought it was a good idea.) But he's not about to surrender his God-given white Christian male superiority to cater to the "confusion" of 3.8 percent of the population. (Confusion? Yr Wonkette is part of that minority, and we are not confused about how much we like dick.)

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Anyway, good tantrum, Sen. Rapert. Sorry the gays are still doing their agenda all over Conway, you should stomp your feet and cry like a little wussy boy on Facebook about it some more.

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