Arkansas Sets Fire To Devil NPR Station


The movie version will be sexy. And star Kirk Cameron.An unknown arsonist broke into the transmitter building of NPR affiliate KUAR in Little Rock on Saturday and briefly liberated the slave state's airwaves from such Devil's programming as jazz "music" (no banjos?) and Garrison Keillor. "Saturday around 5:30 p.m., the KUAR transmitter went off the air. Nathan Vandiver, who was on duty, notified Tom Rusk, who headed to the transmitter site. Tom arrived just before 6 p.m. to find smoke coming from the building. He also discovered that the padlock on the transmitter building door had been forcibly removed and another lock placed on one of the other padlocks on the door." Despite this angel's heroic attempts to burn down the big-words rade-yuh station and keep the union thug firefighters out of the smoldering librul smut, KUAR is now back on the air. And that has a certain God VERY upset.

I arrived at the transmitter site after the fire had been put out. In addition to the situation with the locks on the door, we also found that a part of the fence surrounding the transmitter building had been pulled back enough for someone to gain access. As far as we could tell, nothing had been taken from the site.

The Lord works in mysterious ways. Mysterious, deliberate, petty ways.

KUAR’s transmitter facilities are insured so I will be working with the insurance company this week.

Usury! Wait, sorry, that sounds rather Cathlic/Muslin. [Arkansas Times via Wonkette operative "user-of-owls"]


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