Arlen Specter May Lose Next Week, Because Of Angry Hippies


Primary season is underway like hotcakes! Next week, the "very hyped" Democratic Senate primary race between Arlen Specter and Rep. Joe Sestak will reach its terrifying conclusion, and the old man appears to be on his way to a loss. It doesn't help him now, either, that Sestak is going around yapping about how Specter voted against Elena Kagan's confirmation as Solicitor General last year, when he was a Republican, even though no one on the left really likes Elena Kagan anyway. Then again, do any voters really care about Arlen Specter's vote in a mid-major confirmation process last year, when they're currently unemployed?

Before switching parties last April, Specter voted against Kagan's nomination. At the time he complained about the response he got to questions during confirmation hearings, in written questions to Kagan and during her courtesy visit with him.


"I have gone to really great lengths to find out about Dean Kagan's approach to the law and approach to the job of solicitor general and get some of her ideas on the law because she is in a critical public policy making position. After the long process I have described, I still don't know much about Dean Kagan."

Hours after Obama announced Kagan's selection Monday to replace retiring Justice John Paul Stevens, Specter praised her exemplary academic and professional credentials.

"I voted against her for solicitor general because she wouldn't answer basic questions about her standards for handling that job," Specter said. "It is a distinctly different position than that of a Supreme Court Justice."

Specter would really help himself more if he just said, "I voted against her because I was a REPUBLICAN AND WE HAD TO, YOU IDIOTS, THAT'S WHY I SWITCHED PARTIES, JESUS CHRIST..." Then again, that may not help him, because it sounds mean.

John Kerry endorsed Specter today, though! That's... a thing!

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