Army Brass Beg 24: 'Stop Torturing Everybody'

But is he an Arab? - WonketteU.S. Army Brigadier General Patrick Finnegan has pleaded with the producers of a popular teevee show about torturing Arabs to please stop torturing everybody. With the military now forced to accept high-school dropouts, felons, drug addicts, fatsos, gang-bangers, rapists, cretins and half-wits in a desperate attempt to meet the Pentagon's demand for more bodies, Finnegan is bothered by the show 24 because young recruits now believe it's "patriotic" to torture and murder Muslims.

"I'd like them to stop," said Finnegan about the show's endless torture scenes. "They should do a show where torture backfires." (Ha ha, there is a "show" like that. It's called Ghosts of Abu Ghraib.)

The general (also the dean of West Point) took the Army and FBI's top interrogators to the production company, but 24 co-creator and executive producer Joel Surnow didn't show up -- he was talking on the phone with Fox News chief Roger Ailes.

The politics of the man behind "24." [New Yorker]


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