Army Just Can't Stay Mad At (Alleged!) Death-Threater/Raper Bad Boy Army General


At the risk of sounding like some hysterical radical Marxist unshaven feminazi who's about to burn her bras and eat all the men with a nice chianti, fuck this guy and all his special Army stars.

The legal defense team for a general whose sex-crime trial has gripped the U.S. military said Sunday that the Army has agreed to drop the most serious charges in exchange for [Brig. Gen. Jeffrey A. Sinclair's] admission that he “maltreated” a junior officer with whom he had a long affair and caused her emotional distress.

"Maltreated" is an awfully generous way of describing the things Army General Doucheface actually did.

The accusations against Sinclair are serious as well as sensational. A female captain who served on his staff in Iraq and Afghanistan reported that she had carried on a torrid affair with the married general for three years, having sex in two war zones and four countries.

But she blew the whistle on the relationship after she said he twice forced her to perform oral sex. She also charged that he had once threatened to kill her and her family if she revealed the affair.

Yes, he raped her mouth and threatened to kill her family, but fortunately, the military -- which TOTALLY can handle its own internal affairs and doesn't need no stinkin' civil court of law to get in the middle of how it deals with its epidemic of sexual assault (26,000 in one year alone) -- came up with a nifty plea for him. If he'd been found guilty of the crimes with which he was actually charged, he would have had to register as a sex offender and even serve time in prison maybe, poor baby!

But the military is special. It is delicate. You dumb civilians wouldn't understand how hard it is to be a military man, surrounded by all those women practically begging to be sexually assaulted, even at conferences about how to not sexually assault women in the military. And as some Very Serious Senators have mansplained to us before, if women don't want to be sexually assaulted in the military, maybe they shouldn't enlist. Just stay home and make some sammiches or something. Because boys will be boys, and you can hardly blame them for turning into rapists because -- and yes, this is an actual fucking quote -- "Gee whiz, the hormone level created by nature sets in place the possibility for these types of things to occur."

Gee whiz.

So did General Sinclair do naughty rape-y things or did he just cheat on his wife? Who knows? Some say he did, but other people -- like his defense attorneys who are obviously unbiased -- say he did not. Even prosecutors said there were some discrepancies in the testimony of the woman he assaulted or maybe just "maltreated." And of course we absolutely trust those military prosecutors, since they do such a bang-up job prosecuting sexual assault in the military as it is. So yeah, he's a naught boy, and she's a lying whore, probably. Uncle Sam says so.

Oh well. At least the military has meted out its sad idea of justice by allowing him to admit that he was not a good boy in exchange for forgetting that whole sexual assault thing. Plus, "At a minimum, he is likely to be reduced in rank, fined and kicked out of the Army." Gosh, he's gonna lose a star and maybe even not be allowed to stay in the military where he can continue to "maltreat" other women. That's some stiff punishment! Guess the military really does have a handle on its epidemic of sexual assault after all. Gee whiz.

[Washington Post]

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