Arnold Declares War on Greenhouse Gas

arnoldhummer.jpgIf we want a sound environment in 2050, Arnold Schwarzenegger exclaimed today, we must start taking bold, emphatically enunciated action now. His plan?

The LA Times reports that "under the executive order, by 2010 California would reduce its greenhouse gases to 2000 levels, or about 11% less than they would be without taking action. By 2020, California would reduce the emissions to 1990 levels, or about 25%. By 2050, the state would reduce the emissions to 80% below 1990 levels...

And by 2060, Schwarzenneger will reduce his personal fleet of eight or so Hummers by at least 10%. Meanwhile, President Bush continues to insist that personal "cool breeze" accounts are the best solution to the impending global warming crisis.

Gov. Vows Attack on Global Warming [LA Times]

The Hummer Army []


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