Turns out Madison Cawthorn, the fresh-faced 25-year-old Aryan mountain steed Hitler-Youth-in-training congressman from North Carolina, might bear more responsibility for the Capitol insurrection than we assumed. Yes, the man who has whined openly about how hard it is to "switch" Jews onto what he, in his Handmaid's Tale mind, thinks is the One True Christian Path, apparently openly encouraged followers to threaten members of Congress back in December. But don't worry, he only wanted them threatened "lightly."

At a Turning Point USA event in December, Representative Madison Cawthorn of North Carolina encouraged attendees to "call your congressman and feel free — you can lightly threaten them."

"Say: 'If you don't support election integrity, I'm coming after you. Madison Cawthorn's coming after you. Everybody's coming after you,'" Mr. Cawthorn said.

Feel free to threaten them! But lightly.

Of course, using the words "election integrity" as code for stealing an election for Cawthorn's beloved Führer Trump, and putting it in context of lightly threatening members of Congress, puts this squarely in the bull's eye of inciting violence in support of Trump's Big Lie. As Timothy Snyder explained this weekend in the New York Times, all fascist movements at their inception have a Big Lie told by their leader which requires adherents to disbelieve literally anything that contradicts it. In Trump's case, the Big Lie is that the election was stolen from him by Black people fraudulently voting in cities, when in reality, as Snyder notes, Black people's votes were suppressed in this election just like they are in every American election.

As Snyder writes, for Stalin in the early 1930s, the Big Lie was that Ukrainians were starving themselves to death intentionally to make Stalin's regime look bad, when in fact he had "applied a series of punitive measures to Ukraine that ensured millions would die" of starvation. Hitler's Big Lie was that "Jews ran the world" and "Jews were responsible for ideas that poisoned German minds," a Big Lie that has found new resonance with the QAnon-infected Nazis of present-day America.

And here is the New York Times reporting on Madison Cawthorn's incitement of violence in service of Trump's Big Lie in December, delivered to the unfuckable deplorables who follow Charlie Kirk's tiny face and his Turning Point USA organization everywhere they go. Of course, Cawthorn also spoke at the January 6 hate rally that preceded the January 6 terrorist attack.

Cawthorn is out there trying to cover his tracks and say violence is terrible and horrible now, but the Daily Beast reports that George Erwin, the former sheriff of Henderson County, North Carolina, who originally supported Cawthorn, is calling bullshit:

"Words mean things. You can inflame a group and you can calm a group by the words you used. To me, he inflamed," Erwin said. "You rile people up and then afterwards, you're going to say, 'Well, this is appalling. This is appalling and I back the blue.' No, you don't. You fired these people up and the first line of defense was law enforcement. People are dead. You can't take that back."

No, you cannot.

The Times goes through examples of other GOP electeds helping to incite violence in service of the Big Lie, in advance of last week's Trump-ordered Capitol terrorist attack. There was Alabama's Mo Brooks, who said this at the incitement rally that morning:

"Today is the day American patriots start taking down names and kicking ass," said Mr. Brooks, Republican of Alabama. "Are you willing to do what it takes to fight for America? Louder! Will you fight for America?"

There were Lauren Boebert and Marjorie Taylor Greene, AKA the congresswomen from QAnon, who have been calling this their "1776 moment," because that's subtle.

There's Arizona congressdentist Paul Gosar, whose own family despises him so much they make ads trying to defeat him, calling Joe Biden an "illegitimate usurper" and saying it is Biden doing the "coup." (Snyder notes that a common feature of Big Lies throughout fascist history is that they aren't just lies, but are in fact the exact opposite of the truth.)

As the Times notes, Gosar tweeted this the day of the Trump terrorist attack:

Hey, Twitter. Found you another account to delete.

Here is Gosar, an actual seditionist, lying and saying 80 million people voted for Donald Trump, saying "this sedition will be stopped," and tagging fellow seditionist terrorist sympathizers Donald Trump, Mark Meadows, Rudy Giuliani, Mo Brooks, Matt Gaetz and Andy Biggs as his "homies." Because on top of being fascist shitmouth garbage, these people are all complete fucking dorks.

Rep. Jim Jordan was jerking it in Congress in service of Trump's Big Lie today. This terrorist attack is ongoing, y'all.

Expel these motherfuckers from Congress. All of them. They are literally why the oath of office says that thing about "enemies foreign and domestic." These are domestic enemies of our country.

Here's a Twitter thread from two hours ago from Timothy Snyder. You need to be reading him, and we're going to keep linking him until you all do.

Here now is your OPEN THREAD!

[New York Times / Daily Beast]

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