As Bush Tip-toes Through the Tulips, Reporters Meekly Follow

bushtulip.jpgIn Holland, the LA Times reports, "some youths...had a rare, unscripted opportunity to ask [President Bush] questions that some Americans might want to pose if given the chance." Some Americans, like, say, reporters? To be fair, of course, American reporters generally only get to ask the President a tough question once. After that, it doesn't matter how many flowers they ply him with; he gives 'em the silent treatment. So they must have been burning with envy when the Dutch kids got to fire away. At least for as long as they were allowed to sit at the table and take notes. "We'll give the press a minute to do other things, and we can go on with our discussion," explained Dutch Prime Minister Jan Peter Balkenende after a while, politely banishing reporters from the room, "though the meeting, held in a window-lined room at a glorious chateau near Maastricht, went on for another half-hour."

Bush Gets Tough Queries from Youths in Holland [LA Times]

President Participates in Youth Roundtable [White House]

[Photo credit: Krisanne Johnson]


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