Really, wtf? - WonketteIn one of the better "This Thing Is Like That Thing"(tm) routines we've encountered, the remaining 19 supporters of the Iraq catastrophe have a new strategy to show why everyone should quit complaining about the bloodbath: The occupation of Iraq is no different than Katie Couric's low ratings on the CBS Evening News.

"If television news were covered the same way the media covered Iraq, Katie Couric would surely be out of a job by now," writes some goofball on a blog. Uhh ....

See, three years ago, somebody on "60 Minutes" asked a retired U.S. general whether there was an exit strategy for Iraq. "60 Minutes" is broadcast on CBS -- the same network that broadcasts the CBS Evening News. Think about it. Oh, and it gets worse! The CBS boss says Katie Couric's low-rated news show may be given "up to five years" for the newscast to attract more viewers.

"The hypocrisy is staggering," writes the goofball on a blog. We couldn't have said it better ourselves.

CBS: Wait for Couric Success But Don't Wait for Iraq [NewsBusters]


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