As Truth Social Tanks, Devin Nunes Boasts That It's Beating The Pants Off 'Ghost Town' Twitter

As Truth Social Tanks, Devin Nunes Boasts That It's Beating The Pants Off 'Ghost Town' Twitter

Devin Nunes is wilding out! The former congressman wandered off last year to run Trump's ridiculous social media site, Truth Social. Because who else but a former dairy farmer turned political troll would you hire to run a very serious multinational that was going to put Amazon and Twitter right out of business, right?

As the Daily Beast has documented in hilarious detail, the site is junk and no one wants it. You can't even download it on Android devices, and it's plummeted to 355th most popular app on Apple devices, with just 8,000 downloads a day. As Beast reporters Adam Rawnsley and Asawin Suebsaeng note, Truth is currently hosting just 513,000 daily active users, compared to about 217 million on Twitter.

And so Our Dev has been dispatched to talk up the company's wild success to the only reporter capable of listening to him with a straight face. That's right, he went to Maria Bartiromo.

Asked about Elon Musk buying a 9 percent stake in Twitter, Nunes answered that it was "interesting" because Trump and the whole Truth squad just want to "open the internet back up so that the American people can get their voice back."

Because in this era of Substack, Twitter, Facebook, YouTube, Wordpress, Blogger, TikTok, Instagram, and Pinterest, we're all just gagging for an opportunity to let everyone know about our political opinions, what we made for lunch, and our latest juice cleanse.

"It's clear that Twitter is kind of a ghost town," he continued. "They desperately need Elon Musk to be there, so it's probably something that Elon wants to do. I think he probably believes in free speech like we do. But at the same time, there's not very much activity over at Twitter right now, especially when you compare it to sites like ours where we're just in our beginning stages as we continue to test and bring people on day by day. Our interactions are already beating Twitter. And so, Elon's going to have a lot of work to do there."

Well, trust a dairy farmer to deliver the highest grade of primo bullshit.

First of all, it's more than a little ironic that Nunes is painting Twitter as a floundering upstart in need of a billionaire savior when his own platform is dying a slow death because its eponymous "founder" won't even use it for toilet paper since “He wants it to be a hit first.” Arguably, the only thing that could save Truth would be if Trump went hard and started using it the way he used Twitter to dominate every news cycle. Only the Post says that he's so disgusted with his own sub-generic platform that he's contemplating getting on Jason Miller's GETTR, which is off-brand, but just about works the way it's supposed to.

Second, Truth is hemorrhaging top staff, with the departure just this week of Josh Adams and Billy Boozer, the company’s chiefs of technology and product development.

“If Josh has left… all bets are off,” a source told Reuters, which broke the story Monday.

And finally, if it weren't apparent from every metric available that Nunes is lying out his ass about all the cool kids laughing just out of frame of his janky website, Trump is still suing Twitter, Facebook, and YouTube trying to get his account reinstated. And as someone who reads every single one of those idiotic motions filed by Greta van Susteren's husband in Trump's tech LOLsuits, I can report that he asks for injunctive relief in the form of a judicial order reinstating his account all the time.

Because the person who matters the most in Devin Nunes's world would trade Devin, Truth Social, and hell, probably Ivanka, too, to get back on that supposed "ghost" website where nothing is going on.

But sure, let's pretend that Elon Musk paying $2 billion to buy an edit button means that Trump's brokedick website is just about to burn Twitter to the ground. You bet, Cowpoke!

[Daily Beast]

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