As We Usher In A Glorious New Era Of Violence, Confrontation, And Misery

  • After months of relative calm, violence is starting up again in Iraq. The latest bomb in Baghdad killed at least 33 people. [BBC News]
  • Even if Barack Obama wants to lift restrictions on stem cell research, certain states (GEORGIA) are determined to keep them in place. [Atlanta Journal Constitution]
  • President Obama will give yet another speech today, probably to distract voters from all the money he's spending. This one will be about how he plans to spend a bunch of education money on good teachers. [Wall Street Journal]
  • A standoff between the US ship Impeccable and five Chinese vessels ended with China being very unhappy with the US and the US being all, "WTF we are just surveying your waters for submarines, as usual." [New York Times]
  • A police officer was murdered in Northern Ireland for the first time since 1998. The republican paramilitary group the Continuity IRA claimed responsibility. [BBC News]
  • Stocks appear to be headed up today, at least until 10am, when the Commerce Department is due to release a report on wholesale trade inventories. Then everything will crash as usual. [AP]

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