Ashcroft Spittoon Taken Off eBay

A Wonkette St. Louis Radio Spy sends us a thrilling update on the John Ashcroft Saliva Auction, now taken down from eBay because it was too sexy for mainstream tastes. Our dreams of cloning a personal army of Ashcroft Sex Robots is slowly dimming. The sad report straight from a listener's ears, after the jump.

This morning local St. Louis conservative talk station 97.1 The Eagle's Allman and Crane show interviewed the guy eBaying the Ashcroft backwash. The guy says eBay took the auction down for violating pornography laws. (!?)

The hosts are negotiating with this drug addled guy to drink the backwash out of of a GOP shotglass for 97 dollars. Apparently they believe Ashcroft's backwash has magical powers capable of turning burnouts into young Republicans. All parties were disturbingly enthusiastic.

It appears the listing was removed because it violated the eBay Adult Material policy. Maybe they're afraid that the glass contained "adult materials" beyond common saliva? Anyway, if the dude had listed his item as like a pre-1980 Playgirl magazine, that would have been in total compliance with the Adult Material policy, but glasses of spit are just too kinky for America's youngsters, the end.

eBay gets off on Ashcroft’s backwash [Cheeto Fingers]


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