"Boy," you say to yourself. "There are a lot of things about the workings of our legislative branch that weren't covered by Schoolhouse Rock. Where can I go to learn all that stuff the Liberal Edutainment Industry doesn't want me to know?"

Right here, chief. We got ourselves a pet Hill Staffer who's dying to hear from you. He wants nothing more than to answer your questions. This week, Unnamed Junior Offical covers congressional sex (again -- you people really need a hobby), official letters from MAVERICKS, and, naturally, soup. Catch up on your civics, after the jump. And make sure to send us more questions by shooting us an email with "Ask a Hill Staffer" in the subject line.

Will chicks sleep with you if you work for a Senator? Will chicks sleep with me if I say I work for a Senator?

Not just any chicks will


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