Ask Wonkette: Character, Plot, Moveable Type

Omg I Can't Believe It's My Fucking BookWe got so many questions yesterday and we had so much fun we figure, what the hell: We'll take questions (to ) as long you have them. It's easier than actually writing. Speaking of which: Jeff B. asks:

What's the book going to be about?

It better not be about blogging. Just thinking about that drains all my energy.

Oh, God no. A novel about blogging? Just thinking about it drains all my advance. The novel is about D.C.

It's about campaign culture and Local 16, it's about people with far too many things clipped to their belts and who take their laundry on the road so that room service can do it and the magazine will pay for it. The book takes place in August during an election; people leave work a little earlier and stay out a lot later. The town is almost empty, the wives are gone, and people who normally wouldn’t see much of each other see a lot of other. As I believe the catalog copy says, in a town that's always a lot like high school, it becomes more like summer camp.

And I think this snippet of dialog tells you just about everything else you need to know:

“Doesn’t the little Berry indicator light remind you of the slit at the head of a penis?”

“Uhm, no. And the only reason it reminds you of one is because you use it facilitate sex. Your Berry is, in fact, attached to a penis.”

Dog Days [Amazon]


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