Assassination Joke Sheriff Very Sorry All You 'Nazis' Can't Keep Your Hurtful Criticism To Yourself


Hey, remember like four hours ago, when we cadged a post from ThinkProgress about that nice young sheriff with the slick comedy stylings aboutmurdering the president? Well ThinkProgress has an update, which they've stoled from the "Plymouth Patch," so we guess we do now too! Sup, ThinkProg? Oh, that sheriff is mad at all the liberals, who are being Nazis, by criticizing him? Cool sheriff. Very good handle on history and what things are equivalent to what other things!

“The irony of it is, it’s perfectly OK for them [liberals] to make those jokes about President Bush or someone from the other side of the aisle. I can imagine what some of this place comes from not 2013 United States, it’s more like Nazi Germany in 1938.”

You'd think public officials at this point would pause for a moment and say "does what i'm about to say contain the word rape or the word Nazi or the word Hitler? If so, perhaps I should rethink it." Hahaha, we kid, that would never happen. But let us hear it all from the horse's ass!

First there is the joke itself, which we never told you in its entirety before because Doktor Zoom is fired.

"The joke I told was like The Christmas Carol story," McDonald said Tuesday afternoon. "And I want to preface it by saying it's something akin to a joke I've heard liberals tell. [...]

I had four presidents, the Jacob Marley character was Reagan, and Regan tells Obama he will be visited by three ghosts who will tell you how to make this country a better place.

Barack Obama is lying awake in bed in the White House when the ghost of George Washington appears to him.

Obama asks Washington: 'How can I best serve my country?'

George Washington replies: 'Never tell a lie.'

Then the ghost of Thomas Jefferson appears and Obama asks: 'Tell me, Mr Jefferson, how can I best serve my country?'

Jefferson replies: 'Follow the Constitution.'

Then Lincoln's ghost appears and Obama says: 'Tell me, Mr Lincoln, how can I best serve my country?'

And Lincoln replies: 'Go to the theater.'

A+ joke, would do joke business with joke-maker again! But what are your feelings about the people who did not "get" your joke, Sheriff Joe McDonald?

He said people have made death threats on his Facebook page and have called the joke treasonous. He called people who have complained about the joke and demanded that he resign "hypocrites."

Anything else?

McDonald defended the joke and called complaints about it were ironic. "The basic concept of it has been around since the Andrew Johnson administration," he said. "The radical Republicans wanted him to take a much harder line on Reconstruction of the South, and the joke was that Johnson should have gone to the theater instead of Lincoln."

That is a pretty good explainer of how jokemaking works, but not nearly as good as the 52-minute history-of-humor lecture given by Professor John Kerry of the Institut For Laff Technology that time he got busted making a funny about John McCain and Depends.

Anyway, please stop Holocausting that nice young sheriff, Nazis, by being critical of him. He's got enough on his plate.

[ThinkProgress / PlymouthPatch]

Rebecca Schoenkopf

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