Astonishing Walk In Tubs For Seniors On The Sale Now! You Should Research Safe Step Walk In Tub. Tabs, Aug. 12, 2020

Astonishing Walk In Tubs For Seniors On The Sale Now! You Should Research Safe Step Walk In Tub. Tabs, Aug. 12, 2020
Tabs gifs by your friend Martini Ambassador!

Well who's happy this morning/afternoon before this morning? Me too! Come in, let's get cracking!


Oh good, here's today's previously missing tweet

"It's a very special moment when something that you expected to happen actually does and your feelings are still so overwhelming." — Jessica Tarlov at (doublechecks) Fox News

United Farmworkers all like FUK YEH! (UFW)


This apron could have a Kamala on it. Or a Smokin' Joe!


Oh sad. "'I thought she was the meanest, the most horrible most disrespectful of anybody in the U.S. Senate,' Trump said while addressing Harris' exchanges with Supreme Court Justice Brett Kavanaugh during his confirmation hearing." — USA Today

Your Excellency, some asshole's been signing your name to stupid tweets.

Let's learn more about Bishop Tobin, like "Bishop Tobin says child abuse was outside his responsibility," well if anything that just makes too much sense. — Providence Journal

Karine Jean-Pierre will be Harris's chief of staff. Good! She is smart and lovely! (NBC News)


'I Cannot Let This Happen': Karine Jean-Pierre On Blocking Sen. Kamala Harris | Morning Joe |

Oh Cory Booker you sweetling nerd!

Chomsky on Biden: Left because the activists push. (THIS IS A GOOD THING, I ALREADY KNOW WHICH OF YOU WILL BE JERKS.) — Anand, The Ink

And OH, my favorite SNL sketch in YEARS. Ten minutes and still not bored, pls to enjoy!

DNC Town Hall -

How to beat populists when facts don't matter. Anne Applebaum looks at the information silo divide not just here but in Poland, Germany, and elsewhere, and somehow Russia keeps coming up but it's not about Russia, they just HAPPEN to be the news source for the far-Right all over the world! Luckily, noting that is McCarthyism, because at some point Glen Greenwald started making common cause with Russia and calling everyone who opposes that bad leftists? Anyway. Shy might have givebn me some tequila. — The Atlantic

Speaking of, the fuck's happening in Belarus? Since the conservatives at the Bulwark emailed me their primer first, that is the primer you get. (Bulwark)

What's keeping Washington from a coronavirus deal? Oh, same old. (AP)

"The federal government has systematically shortchanged communities with large Black populations in the distribution of billions of dollars in Covid-19 relief aid meant to help hospitals struggling to manage the effects of the pandemic, according to a study published Friday." The fuck you even say? — StatNews

Is she a doctor of philosophy, with a poster of Rasputin and a beard down to her knees? Because Ben Shapiro's wife is bad at pussy medicine.

Speaking as a NOT ANTI-VAXXER, it seems fair to ask whether vaccines under Trump's intensely politicized administration won't ACTUALLY KILLY YOU. Same for Putin, as in "I think it's really scary. It's really risky," per the New York Times.

ProPublica sorry to inform us Trump spent $500 MILLION too much for ventilators we already had contracts for (they are not sorry). — ProPublica

A really interesting oooooold old tab from Sara Robinson's brother in prison, about the different ways the prison would make money off its inmate pals, in light of San Francisco's making all inmate calls free from now on. (Orcinus blogspot, told you it was old)

Molly Jong-Fast tells some gossip about her family and Martha Stewart's family, as one does if one is a Jong, a Fast, or a Schoenkopf (if we had any gossip about Martha Stewart, WE WOULD). — New York Review of Books

How, HOW had I never heard of Inez Milholland, woman's rights champion? (Washington Post)

OK I'm done bye bye~

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