At 66, This Is Kevin Costner's Partner! Tabs, Wed., Sept. 15, 2021

At 66, This Is Kevin Costner's Partner! Tabs, Wed., Sept. 15, 2021
Tabs gifs by your friend Martini Ambassador!

It sure is sad for Republicans that Joe Biden's vaccine mandate is so popular. (MSNBC)

Twenty-two New Jersey cops died of COVID just in the last week.CORRECTION. NJ Monitor has corrected its article, and it's nationwide police deaths, not New Jersey. — New Jersey Monitor


Poverty declined last year, thanks to government payments. (NBC News)

But should Democrats stand by the increased (and fully refundable! meaning poor people get it too!) child tax credits? Gee, that is a hard one just kidding no it's not. — The New Republic

Unless you are Joe Manchin because fuck that guy.

The tax increases Joe Biden wants on the rich are not radical and will not hurt your goddamn family farm, Jesus Christ. — Paul Waldman and Greg Sargent at the Washington Post

Voting rights superlawyer (but not ironically) Marc Elias says Joe Manchin's voting rights "compromise" bill is ... excellent, actually. (Democracy Docket)

The Supreme Court is high on its own supply. — Ian Millhiser at Vox

Pillow Dude Seeks State Attorney General For Hot SCOTUS Action. Gross, Liz at ATL!

The man at the kids' baseball game was fighting with another guy, and then went and got his rifle, and all the kids and parents ran to the surrounding neighborhood, with the big boys lifting the little kids over the fence and the neighbors letting them in, and ... it's a "gray area" whether there was a crime or not, but they're "investigating" :) (KTVL)

"Resiliency hubs"! Like this Baltimore Black megachurch's city- and state-funded solar panels and batteries, so the community will have a place to NOT DIE during the next hurricanado! I LIKE IT. — Grist

"This is a series about jerks, blowhards, racists, creeps, narcs, petty tyrants, tenured incompetents, passive–aggressive underminers, Taylorist fussbudgets, Pinkertonish snoops, pious liberal union-killers, and sneering capitalist dickheads, which is to say it is a series about bosses." That's gonna be a click from dawgMother Jones.

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