At Bristol's TV Dancing Taping, Sarah Palin Is Security's 'Higher Priority'


World's worst mom Sarah Palin is bringing her Hollywood Values to Hollywood tonight for a taping of Bristol Palin's new teen-pregnancy documentary,Dancing With the Stars. And security will be heavy, because come on, Sarah Palin is a celebrity. And if anything happens, god forbid, security at CBS Television City have reportedly been told that Sarah is a "higher priority than Bristol." Sorry, Bristol!

Hollywood gossip website reports:

Our spies say security guards at CBS Television City in L.A. -- the place where "Dancing" is broadcast -- is on "heightened alert." Although Palin is not officially running for anything, security is treating her like a government official ....

And this is the best -- security has been told if there is a breach ... Sarah is a "higher priority than Bristol."

Unfair? Maybe! Or maybe it's the most fair thing of all, in terms of Darwinism, which is Sarah Palin's only religion. Is Bristol getting multi-million-dollar book deals? No, she is on some low-rent human-oddity program probably earning scale, and she's only getting this because her mom is a famous celebrity grifter. [TMZ]


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