At Long Last Democrats Have A Real Celebrity: Bowzer From Sha Na Na


Do you ever lie awake at night and think "huh, I wonder what happened to Bowzer from Sha Na Na?" And then you toss and turn for a few hours because you can't for the life of you remember if it is "Bowzer" or "Bowser?" Is that just us? Huh. Well, wonder no more, because we now know that Bowzer is using that still ridiculously deep voice for good by singing re-written Christmas carols that mock Republicans.

Democrats are taking a holiday-themed hit at Republicans with the release of a new song: “The Twelve Days of Congress.” [...]

According to the song, on various days of Congress, “Republicans gave the rich” policies ranging from “jobs shipped overseas” to “health care repeals” to “government shutdowns” to “a big oil subsidy.”

The song is sung by a quartet led by the singer Bowzer, from the band Sha Na Na.



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