ATF Director Fired For Being Gauche

Former ATF director Carl Truscott's vision of the future ATF headquarters.

Carl Truscott left the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, and Firearms in August after his stunningly wasteful money-grubbing was deemed too nouveau riche for the older, more discreet cronies who run powerful government agencies. Things started going downhill with the usual harassment of female employees and arcane problems with hiring policy, and they continued going downhill much more hurriedly when Truscott attemped to remake the ATF headquarters into his own personal totally awesome tricked-out fort. Among other crazy schemes, he demanded that it be equipped with its own Situation Room Wall O' TVs.

He also demanded $137 grand be spent on the awesomest office gym ever, with an "executive shower." Clearly a man who respects luxury in his bathrooms, he went on to demand that his washroom feature a flatscreen TV and a telephone.

Officials eventually demanded Truscott's resignation after he asked that his office feature a brontosaurus slide down to his reserved parking space.

A Flat-screen TV in an Office Bathroom? [Federal Times]

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