Attack Ad Remix 12-Inch

Disco Stu likes... disco music!  - WonketteJesus, the AP has come a long way, for good or ill .... About seven years ago, your current guest editor was trying to buy an Associated Press feed for a news site and was told to go fuck himself with an AP stylebook & libel guide.

Now the ancient news service is sending out bizarre audio mixes of political attack ads. Eric Carvin of the wire's new Youth Outreach Information Awareness Directorate calls the remix "surprisingly danceable." Maybe for these DC douchebags ... to us, it's just a grim electric-hammer reminder of the terrible mistakes we've made in life and how our career is a daily punishment for these awful, awful Life Errors.

Anyway, you are invited to download the mp3 here, even though it's got the same bullshit AP threat that's been running at the bottom of every cut-and-pasted press release sent out on the wire for decades: © The Associated Press. All rights reserved. This material may not be published, broadcast, rewritten or redistributed.

Political attack ads: an audio remix [AP Ministry of Youth Amusements]


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