Attention Hill Intern Hotties: Wanna Make Some Extra Cash?

Capitol Hill interns: There's still time left to nominate yourself, or have a friend nominate you, in our Hill Intern Hotties contest. But we're planning to announce the nominees tomorrow, so don't delay. Nomination guidelines here.

If you're more interested in fortune than fame, however, this proposal might appeal to you more:


The post speaks for itself. We will refrain from embellishing it with cheap-and-easy Washingtonienne humor.

The full text of the post, after the jump.

Here's how it starts:

Here's the deal - I see all these female interns in their fancy suits on the metro every morning and afternoon. I've dated a few over the past two years but they are always so preoccupied with politics or something else and it never works out. I just want to have one hot night with a DC intern. I don't want a relationship, I don't have to see you again.

In a town where people often hide their true intentions, the poster's candor is refreshing. He continues:

Let's meet (both in our work clothes), chat for a bit, and go to it. I will host in my office building after hours. Willing to donate generously and I know it can help out with bills given your pay rate on the Hill. Everything safe, nothing freaky, we can meet first and call things off at any point if we don't like what we see. It may be the craziest thing you decide to do while in DC but it will be worth it.

Any takers? If you happen to take up the poster on his offer, feel free to tell us all about it (photos welcome).

$500 for one evening with DC intern [craigslist]


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