Attorney For Pat Robertson's Anti-Gay Legal Outfit Fired For Alleged Wide Stance With (Possibly) Under-Age Boys

Attorney For Pat Robertson's Anti-Gay Legal Outfit Fired For Alleged Wide Stance With (Possibly) Under-Age Boys

Oh look, a poorly produced video about some guy named “Jim,” a.k.a “our bitch who got us drunk.” (No, not Jim Newell, although we will make him our bitch and let him get us drunk if he asks nicely.) This video is about Jim Henderson, formerly a senior attorney at the American Center for Law and Justice (ACLJ), who was fired by Pat Robertson's outfit last week for “maybe” being gay.

The American Center for Law & Justice (ACLJ), founded by anti-gay televangelist Pat Robertson and led by Jay Sekulow, confirmed in a statement provided to Metro Weekly that James Henderson, a senior counsel with the group who focused on federal civil rights and constitutional law, had been fired from the group Sept. 25, one day after a report surfaced on a blog that he may be gay.


ACLJ's confirmation comes after two blogs — Exposed Politics and The Patriot-Ombudsman — published troves of information about Henderson and his relationship with two younger men. Henderson is married and has eight children.

According to the two bloggers, Henderson used a Facebook account to communicate with the two men. Conversations obtained and published by the two websites indicate that Henderson may have provided the younger men, who appear to be possibly younger than 21, with alcohol and marijuana. The Facebook account cited by the bloggers has since been deleted.

Don't be sad that the account has been deleted because LUCKILY the Patriot-Ombudsman has screen caps of their conversations with a well-wisher who came forward to object to the coverage of Henderson. (This person is NOT AT ALL Jim Henderson himself, carefully misspelling things, of course.) Turns out, Henderson was a lonely old man! Who WOULDN'T be lonely with a wife, eight kids, and a career? And the 17-year-old took advantage of this vulnerability:

And just in case this isn't enough to convince everyone, someone went and made a movie about the chat conversations between the "arch-conservative" attorney and his 17 year old (alleged) lover. Yes, it is a movie that is primarily about chat transcripts. But! It includes helpful tips about Facebook chat etiquette and an unexpected soundtrack, so we give it three stars.

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