August Recess

Fan FanRemember the WP's investigative report on shade? ("Why are there odes to the sea, to the stars, to a Grecian urn, and so few to shade? Is it because, like romance, it never lasts?") Today's post brings a similar tone poem. It's about fans.

Maybe I was born at the wrong time because I know I would have fared just fine without central air. Perhaps it's because I grew up without it. Fans were how we kept cool. Stationary fans, rotating fans, ceiling fans -- we had them positioned around the house... I think my love -- and need -- for fans may be hereditary. My father says he always had fans growing up...I guess I just like the comfort of fans. Maybe it's because they represent a simpler time in my life.
You know what these essays represent? The Style section would like August off, too.

We're with them, of course. All posts today are done under protest and with little enthusiasm. If we could get away with posting about ice cream we totally would.

Whirring Fans Are a Breath of Fresh Air [WP]


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