Author Of Excellent 'Stop Being Gay' Book Arrested For Molesting Teen Boy, Allegedly, Again

Author Of Excellent 'Stop Being Gay' Book Arrested For Molesting Teen Boy, Allegedly, Again

A Pittsburgh pastor who wrote a not-quite-bestselling book about his successful struggle to become a former gay has been arrested forsexually assaulting a teenaged boy. On the one hand, it looks like pretty strong evidence that attempts to pray away the gay just don't take, but we'd also like to point out that, comes right down to it, the gay is a far less problematic issue here than the teenager-raping. Dare we even suggest that if Bishop Duane Youngblood of the “Higher Call World Outreach Church” had just settled down to being a happily gay man instead of trying to force himself to be straight, it's entirely possible he wouldn't have done nonconsensual sex to a teen who came to him for counseling? We don't claim to be experts on this stuff.

The boy, who is now 21, says that Youngblood molested him from 2009 through 2011, and that it only ended when he went to college and "told Youngblood he didn’t want to be counseled by him anymore." Which is not to say that he doesn't now need tons of counseling; this time we'd suggest a more reputable therapist. Youngblood reportedly told the boy not to tell his mother about the "counseling," of course, because "he didn’t want to get into trouble.”

The Amazon description of Youngblood's inspirational book, Freedom From Homosexuality: No Longer Living The Lie says that Youngblood

shares insights and truth to help anyone struggling with perversions find a place of forgiveness and deliverance in God. Through his honesty about his own life and the enemy’s plan against him, many have already been delivered from perverse sins.

We're betting that Youngblood is probably coping with his arrest by feeling really bad about how "the enemy" made him rape a kid.

Oh, also, it's probably worth mentioning that in 2006 Youngblood was accused of molesting a 15-year-old boy he was "counseling." He was "sentenced to one year of intermediate punishment and seven years’ probation," but somehow managed to continue running a church with an outreach ministry to youth, because... you know, First Amendment be damned, how for godssakes is that even legal?

Finally, just because you may not have had occasion to bury your face in your hands yet today, here are the final two tweets in Pastor Youngblood's twitter stream:

Who knows, maybe after his next bout with the justice system, he'll overcome the influence of The Enemy and start a new church. He's sure to have plenty of material for a new book.

Also, just for the sake of mentioning it, we should probably remind readers to keep the rules in mind -- we don't wish prison rape (or any other kind) on anyone, not even complete scumbags. That done, let's poison this perfectly lovely Rickie Lee Jones song for you forever.

Love will wash it clean. Except for your brain, and this song, which is now dead to us, forever.

[CBS Pittsburgh]

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